Sisters in Science was founded in 2017, by a group of university students who weren't happy with the low number of young women choosing to follow career paths in STEMM. We began running events at our old high schools, bringing together friends and networks to speak to teenage girls about STEMM careers. Our speakers or 'Big Sisters' act as a poster figure by openly sharing their own journey in STEMM.


For over two years, Sisters in Science has been running Sistership Engagement Events where Big Sisters chat to young women in high school years 8 - 10. Every incursion we run is different, but in a typical afternoon event, students will hear from 4 or 5 Big Sisters from a different branch of STEMM - exposing them to a diverse range of career prospects.


We love connecting with others who also care about this cause, so if you are interested in using your story to encourage more young women to enter a STEMM field, get in touch. We'd lot to hear from you!



Our founding mission is to deliver and instill the following values:


1. Mentorship 

Through providing accessible, relatable role models, we hope to change what girls envision when they think of a scientist. The role of the Big Sister goes beyond describing the pathways one can take in STEMM. It also involves answering the students' questions, providing them with advice and support, and showing them how to believe in themselves.

We also want to encourage students to strengthen bonds with others to form their own support networks with their peers.


2. Empowerment

Since we know that girls are generally less confident in their own academic abilities than boys, we hope to instill confidence in themselves and their own abilities. We discuss big issues such as Global Warming, the rise of AI, and Global Health, to enable students to realize their power and agency to impact the world.  


3. Grit

We hope to challenge the idea that some kids are naturally better at science than others. Rather, we believe in the importance of a 'growth mindset', and how passion and resilience are the keys to success in STEMM. 

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